The apocalypse is now.

The content of this blog varies day by day.
I am a dark hearted girl who would love to use my body to make money some day.
{gothic, sex, women, piercings, cats, science, politics, landscapes, photography, beauty}
I like to review shops, artists, make up and clothing lines so if you have any spare change and should donate to my fund I will give you a shout out on youtube once I get some products rolling in.

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This is too raw

Whoever makes these is not even in the general area of fucking around

These are actually quite true in everyday possible to me.

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Just bc I have a cute bag

chloe-the-friendly-ghost asked: Ok say that there is a guy that you really like and he gave you his number on Friday. You texted him on Saturday at like 11 o'clock and he hasn't answered yet. Would you try to text him again or wait and see if he ends up texting you?

I, personally, would send him a funny cute picture that would make anyone with a perfect sense of humor just burst out laughing. Even, maybe, say something witty afterwards that ends with the ever elusive cat face :3 because being cute seals the deal.


Honoring the deer

By putting more dead stuff on top of it~

"Sweet dreams are made of these
Travel the world and the
~Neptune seas
everybody is looking for something"

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I’m afraid taking well known song lyrics and changing one line does not make you creative. Nor give you creative license apart from Soft Cells copyright.

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I have 2 hours til school and nothing to do

I am so anxious every morning when I have to get dressed that I sit in my bed and look at my open closet for 30 straight minutes trying to decide why I actually need to go in there

Anonymous asked: Can I see your boobies?! :3

No :D

First day of work :D lost my keys though..
My poor baby ripped the webbing on his foot, he’s had a hell of a day


oh, that’s cute Westboro Baptist Church.

you don’t want to disclose where your founders funeral is going to take place. why? because a funeral is a personal thing, a mourning period for families and friends? you’d hate to have people who are angered by your beliefs and your practices protest your funeral, wouldn’t you? (≖︿≖)

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